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Gateway to a New Land

It is one of the most spectacular moments at the Disneyland Resort: the rock archway entrance into Cars Land from Pacific Wharf.  Framing a panorama of Ornament Valley, stretching from the Cadillac Range in the distance to Willy's Butte in the mid-ground to a curving pedestrian pathway representation of Route 66 in the foreground, this vista has always been an inspiring and amazing view.  And these days, it has me thinking about another new and fantastical land that will be joining the Disneyland Resort soon--Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.  Over in Fantasyland and Frontierland, there are two pathways leading to similar rock archways that support the Disneyland Railroad above.  But they are converging into the entrance of the Black Spire Outpost, carefully framing the approach into the most highly anticipated themed land in Disney history.  I imagine that once this gateway to Batuu opens on May 31, we will be able to stroll through a similar amazing sight, cinematically orienting a …

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