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The Enchanted Storybook Atrium

Perspective is one of those fun manipulations that photographers love to play with to lend a twist to a familiar scene.  Getting down low, or finding a higher angle, or looking through a unique frame or direction can add interest and originality to a setting, even if it's something that people have shot many times before.

At the Enchanted Storybook Castle in Shanghai Disneyland, a cool opportunity comes from looking straight up.  The central atrium space in the middle of the castle spirals upward, soaring in a swirl of beautiful stained glass windows and arches, focusing on a grand chandelier set under a royal blue dome. 

The space looks great from any angle, and the towering interiors commands awe and majesty.  But really like the look straight up, almost compressing the frame into a two-dimensional composition.  It turns out fantastically geometric and makes for something a little less usual, which all adds up to a fun photo!

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