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Threepio's Plane

Disney parks are well known for their easter eggs.  The most famous are the "Hidden Mickeys" scattered throughout numerous Disney attractions--silhouettes of the iconic three-circle Mickey Mouse head that can be creatively glimpsed at certain angles of certain scenes of many rides. 

But the parks pay tribute to more than just the Mouse.  Associated acts and parties sometimes get special treatment, and this is particularly true of George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, and the first Intellectual Property to partner with Disney parks in the form of Star Tours back in 1987.  That ride pays tribute to him in the queue, when an announcement for a speeder with license plate THX1138 (after his first film) is announced. 

Over in Tokyo Disney Sea, the reference is a little less subtle.  Guests walking over the bridge from Port Discovery to Lost River Delta need only to glance to the left to see a semi-crashed propeller plane with the number of one of the most recognizable droids in the …

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