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Entering the Studios

Walt Disney Studios in Paris is probably the least ornate of all the Disney theme parks around the world.  Originally patterned after Disney Hollywood (then MGM) Studios in Florida, this was one of the parks built "on the cheap" under the Michael Eisner regime in the early 2000s.  Although it would be a fine enough theme park under any other banner, it doesn't quite cut the Disney mustard, though there are some moments that offer some scenic opportunities.  the Mickey Mouse Sorcerer's Apprentice fountain out in front, just after the entry gates, is one.  It's a common gathering space and a nice water feature, and although the bulky facade of the enclosed "Main Street" of the Frontlot serves as a not super scenic background, it's still one of the more photogenic moments of the original park. The entry plaza of Walt Disney Studios, before entering into the Studio 1 building of the Frontlot.

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