A Glimpse Down Route 66

This photo is literally from tonight!  I was over by Blue Sky Cellar, snapping a photo of the main drive of Cars Land, when a cast member stopped and asked if I'd gone up to Alfresco Lounge.  Shaking my head, I asked if I was even allowed to go up there just to take pictures.

"Of course!" she said.  "It's got a great aerial view of Cars Land!"

And without further encouragement, I headed up to the upstairs bar area at the Wine Country Trattoria.  What I found wasn't exactly the clear crisp vista down Radiator Springs that I was hoping for, but it still presented an interesting view--one that is not often captured.  So for tonight's photo, I give you an angle that you might not notice.  I know I wouldn't have, if it wasn't for the direction of that friendly cast member.  Just an example of the little things that make me enjoy my time at the Disneyland Resort!

Looking down Cars Land from Alfresco Lounge.


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