An Exhausting Day

What's your preferred style of spending time at the parks? Is it taking things easy and going slowly, savoring each moment but not necessarily experiencing every major attraction?  Or is it action packed, non-stop, and full of so much excitement that it leaves you with no energy left by the end of the night? 

Back when I used to do all-day Disneyland trips, before I had the luxury of an Annual Pass, my style was the latter.  Because each trip to Disneyland was precious, I made sure to arrive at opening and stay all the way through the end of the night--all the while riding every E-Ticket and catching multiple shows.  I had no problem with it, but many a friend would surely be exhausted by the end of the night.  After all, there is a lot of walking and running around a theme park, especially when hitting multiple attractions!  But I would have it no other way, and even in their fatigue, my friends would always admit that this was the most fun they'd had at the park.

Enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth until you faint? There are certainly worse things in life!

One in a series of signs alongside Radiator Springs Racers that advertises Rust-eze.


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