Goats of Autumn

Today's post is a departure from the usual beauty shot. Instead, I'd like to focus on a guilty and silly pleasure of mine--visiting the goats in Big Thunder Ranch.  Goats are wonderful creatures, useful for naturally mowing the lawn while also being adept at mimicking human sounds and yells.  At Disneyland, they don't do much of either, but they do sport fantastic bandanas during Halloween Time, and that alone makes them absolutely awesome.  So basically, here's a bunch of pictures of goats for today.  Yes, goats.  Because goats are awesome.

This goat has a great goatee!

This one stares in a docile manner.

This guy's all business.

Back to the Goatee'd One.

Meanwhile, this goat is all, "DURRRR..."

And of course, you can't miss the Incredible Barrel Jumping Goat of Rainbow Ridge County!


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