Les Bleus en Space

Capturing Disney park scenes devoid of people at night is generally an exercise in patience.  Wait long enough, and as long as security isn't sweeping you out yet, you'll get that shot.  Before closing, however, is more of a game of chance.  It's nearly impossible during the daytime unless it's first thing in the morning, or a really slow day, or there's a pandemic going on and capacity is super restricted.  The early evening is even more difficult, because guests are transitioning into that magical nighttime ambiance and buzzing with energy.  But somehow, in this shot, the fates aligned for no people to happen to be in this frame for long enough for me to fire off an exposure.  And the result is a moody Space Mountain scene in the vibrant, cool thick of twilight, captured before the day completely passes!

Disneyland Paris' Hyperspace Mountain at blue hour.


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