It's been a while since I've watched the Magic Happens Parade, but remains one of my favorites.  Though it's a little short in terms of number of floats by Disney standards, it has a super catchy theme song with an addictive hook, fantastic and charismatic performers, beautifully rich costuming, and elaborate and sensational floats.  I had hoped that Disney might slowly add more floats with each year's iteration of the parade, but even as is, Magic Happens has been a delightful feature of Disneyland live entertainment.

To celebrate today's Cinco de Mayo festivities, here's a look at the Coco portion of the parade, which features dazzling dancers, an energetic Miguel, a changing Dante, Hector and Imelda, and a blissful Pepita. It's is a marvelous part of the parade, and certainly a part that one will remember!


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