A Holiday's Eave

There are some shots that probably look relatively routine but which are actually technically tricky to pull off--shots that photographers would recognize as being difficult, but which the average photo viewer would probably move past after a quick glance.  This photo below is one of them.  It's a detail of a roof eave from the Haunted Mansion Holiday, taken from the queue, taken freehand--that is, without the use of a tripod.  This location is right in the thick of the switchbacks, and there's no nice place to set a camera to serve as a tripod.  Instead, to take this photo, I had to lean against a handrail and keep my hands as still as possible (using myself as a tripod, basically), to shoot a relatively low exposure photo to get the proper exposure of what is really a pretty dim scene. 

The photo isn't technically perfect, as some of the highlights are still a little too bright, but it shows more detail than the human eye typically perceives.  And I think that's kind of cool--the things a camera lens can reveal.

A detail of the Haunted Mansion Holiday roof eave.


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