Hello, friends!  This blog is the melding of two of my biggest loves: Disney theme parks and photography.  Disney Photoblography--so aptly named--is my gesture at conveying my own heartfelt Disney memories and experiences to those who appreciate the parks on a similar level.

For as long as I can remember, I have been infatuated with the wondrous magic, charming atmosphere, exciting attractions, and colorful memories associated with the Disneyland Resort.  I vividly remember my annual childhood trips, when my parents would bring me to the park and take me aboard a flying ship on Peter Pan, or cruise along a pleasant drive on the Autopia, or watch a fantastic parade on Main Street, or catch a thrilling viewing of FANTASMIC! along the Rivers of America.  Those family trips slowly morphed into sojourns with friends, but the memories were no less of an imprint on nostalgia.  The priceless experiences that I've had with family and friends have been indelibly burned into my consciousness.

In addition, I've always had a sound interest in photography, and I've had the fortunate opportunity to develop my skills over the years to capture the unique points of view in which I perceive the world.  Encouraged by appreciative friends who've praised the quality of some of my work, I've continued exploring and refining my photographic skills and range.

The resulting fruits of these passions are the photos you find here on this blog.  Motivated by the proliferation of so many Disney-oriented web sites and blogs, I've decided to exhibit some of own work as well.  Admittedly, in part, this is to feed my own ego; after all, ego inevitably holds some responsibility for any public display of work.  And I never know what professional or networking opportunities this may open up.  But mostly, this blog is a chance to share my love of Disney with my friends and readers and bring some of the magic to those who are not as fortunate as I in being able to experience Disney so regularly.

I won't shoehorn content within a specific photographic genre either.  Expect high saturation imagery, surreal long exposures, character portraits, and even food porn.  Any sort of picture can convey emotions, thoughts, and memories with vivid potency.  And with the Happiest Place on Earth as a backdrop, I hope to relay those feelings of joy and exuberance. So to all who come to this happy blog... welcome!

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