Tokyo's Ponte Vecchio

Tokyo Disney Sea's Mediterranean Harbor has several highly evocative sections that call to mind famous portions of Italy.  There's the Portofino stylings of the Italian Riviera at the entrance, the stellar Venetian architecture on the way to American Waterfront, and the Florentine aesthetic on the bridge crossing over toward Mysterious Island and the Cape Cod portion of American Waterfront.

The bridge is our focus today.  Though not exactly like Florence's famous bridge, it does feature a series of storefronts and "buildings" on the bridge, and some arcades to stroll through.  The look of the architecture carries a Tuscan feel to it, and the detail of the stonework and plaster really brings an Italian romance to the ambiance.  It's beautiful whether from an overview or in the details--this pretty much summarizes why Tokyo Disney Sea is the most incredible Disney park around!


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