Brilliance at the Butte

When it comes to Disney California Adventure, Cars Land is the closest thing this park has to something as immersive and epic as the Disney gold standard, Tokyo Disney Sea.  It was the debut of Cars Land nine years ago that propelled the park into a new level of quality.  After years of being known as the "half-day park" that was "built on the cheap," this was DCA's first example of something truly world-class, enveloping, and grand.  And especially when one is standing in Ornament Valley, the marvelous sandstone rocks of the American Southwest encompassing the entire panorama, the feeling from the incredible detail is one of awe and amazement.  

Nearly a decade later, that sentiment still hasn't changed.  And fortunately for DCA, that level of quality has become a little more commonplace with some of the other expansions the park has or is undertaking!

Just a radiant day at Radiator Springs Racers.


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