A Glimmering Regal Carousel

There's been a theme this week, hasn't there? Still, picturesque night shots done in HDR.  But as I've mentioned before, wandering around Disneyland when hardly anyone else is around is one of my guilty pleasures.  It's like having the park to myself, and it's a special, rare time indeed, since the atmosphere is normally so busy and frenetic.

At the end of the night, one of the shining beacons of the park is the King Arthur Carrousel.  This grand and classic merry-go-round has been a mainstay at the park since opening day and was actually built in the 1800s.  It found its way at the heart of Fantasyland in part because Walt was inspired by the carousel he and his daughters visited at Griffith Park.  Today, it still carries gleeful children and adults, and is a beautiful crown in Walt Disney's original Magic Kingdom!

Disneyland's feature carousel in the peaceful night.


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