Elysian Arcade

One of the cues that Buena Vista Street has taken from the Main Streets of Disney's Magic Kingdoms is the concept of a continuous indoor walking path that allows guests to bypass the main outdoor thoroughfare during periods of high traffic, such as during a parade, or during bad weather.  At California Adventure, this has manifested in Elysian Arcade, a pedestrian avenue harkening back to the old shopping promenades of the 1920's--complete with its own store directory.

It's the friendly, inviting sheltering spaces of Buena Vista Street that make this new entrance area such a nice place to stroll through.  The cozy nooks and niches break down the exterior plan and provide a cozy scale that supports the theme of Disney California Adventure's new entrance area.  It beckon exploration, and believe me, there are plenty of details to find!

Glancing toward Elysian Arcade from near the Red Car Trolleys stop.


  1. Very cool. I didn't even know this existed! I really love the arcades running along Main Street at Disneyland Paris, so it's great that this has been integrated into California Adventure.

  2. didn't know there was such a place! i will have to go check it out next time!!


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