Shrunken Ned

It's that Halloween season, so what's more fitting than a disembodied head?  Well, this is no ordinary hanging head, for his name is Ned, and he is the only jungle self service witch doctor who dispenses medical advice at only $0.50 a pop.  Given the rising costs of health care these days, this is a fantastic deal!  Whether it's a prescription to treating Conowonobono Fever, advice on dealing with Mogo on the Gogogo, or figuring out why the Zambezi makes one sneezy, Dr. Nedley Lostmore is here to tender advice for patients of all ages, shapes, and colors.  So visit Shrunken Ned today!  He's the head shrink of Adventureland, and he could use your patronage!

Shrunken Ned, a real headcase in Adventureland!


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