The Old Station

If you're my age or older, you look upon this photo with fond memories of the old People Mover, a slow, leisurely trip that toured through the many attractions of Tomorrowland.  Replaced by the ill-fated Rocket Rods when Tomorrowland was refurbished and reopened in 1998, the People Mover was a ride that the whole family could partake, and I remember countless trips sitting with my parents and enjoying the beautiful day and exciting sights.

Nowadays, the station sits empty, and only the Observatron--that quirky almalgamation of satellite dishes and projectile elements that replaced the Rocket Jets attraction when it was effectively replaced and relocated to the front of Tomorrowland in the form of the Astro Orbiter.  And I (and many Disney fans like myself) wonder and hope that it can be brought back to its former glory.  At the very least, it seems like they've kept things nice and tidy, though!

The empty People Mover station with the Observatron sitting on top.


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