Orleans Portraits

Disney is in the details, so a fan of the Mouse might modify a Mies mention.  And it's true, Disneyland is filled with little moments and bits of theming that really set off a store or ride or general environment.  So at Port Royal, while shoppers are perusing souvenirs and Disney wares, there are mantlepieces like these lined up on against the walls, purely for show, all to enhance the immersive experience that Walt Disney sought to evoke.  It works. Every time I stumble upon something I'd never noticed before, it reminds me just how special this place really is.

Decorations above the register at Port Royal.


  1. We were just in there yesterday and noticed the interesting collections on the mantles. I kind of forgot what they were actually selling in there. I was too busy looking up!

  2. Haha, nice! I feel like most people wouldn't look up, but I like that those who do are rewarded, in a certain way!


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