The Grand Lobby

Bar none, the most striking feature of the Grand Californian Hotel is its main lobby.  This soaring five story atrium space is ornately decorated in the California Arts and Crafts style, with large size timber pieces, warm wood paneling, and cozy stonework creating an intimate feel.  It provides a relaxing place to wait, or a comfortable setting to enjoy company.  The Craftsman style is executed to stunning detail, from the uphostery to the light fixtures to the welcoming interior finishes, and provides great homage to the architects of that turn of the 20th century time period.

The majestic main lobby of the Grand Californian Hotel.
Looking toward the Registration Desk, with a children's TV viewing area in between.


  1. This is, hands down, one of my favorite hotels. It is simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing yo!

  2. Thanks! Glad you enjoy the pics, Phil!


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