A Ghostly Balloon

On the night I was taking this shot, I was all set up to snap my photo, when I noticed a lone balloon, tied to the railing, floating in the air, the lone obstruction in my otherwise clean and clear shot of the Haunted Mansion.  At first, I thought of what I could do to hide it, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it might actually be humorous to feature this souvenir as the lone subject in an otherwise surreal scene from Disneyland's most macabre property.  And so, I let the balloon simply waft in the almost-still air.  I let the exposure run for half a minute, capturing as much detail as I could from an ordinarily dark scene.  And when I was done, there was the balloon in the middle of the shit, drifting just ever so lazily so, almost like it was a hovering spirit itself. 

At least that's the story I'd like to think this photo tells. What do you think?

Gazing up the steps toward the Haunted Mansion.


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