A Rainy Hollywood Evening

This isn't the most technically crisp shot, but I'll ask you to give me a break, since it was taken on Friday night when it was still raining at a pretty good clip.  With a bit of wind, it was a foregone conclusion that some of that water would catch onto the lens and leave some splotches.  But it was kind of cool being pretty much all alone in Hollywood Land, photographing what I pleased.  On this night, despite being after hours, there was no security to chase me out--perhaps because they hardly desired to stand out in the rain either.  But I slowly swept myself out, moving from land to land and snapping up views that I thought looked cool.

In this case, the rain-streaked streets of Hollywood seemed as good of a shot as any, calling to heart the Hollywood of film's golden era, on a cold, rainy night, the type that might start a good detective thriller.  In any case, it was a sight I've never been able to capture.

The streets of DCA's Hollywood Blvd, lined with rain.


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