Golden Radiator Springs

A few weeks ago, I made a rare successful golden hour run through Disney California Adventure, hitting up each land to capture the golden setting sun and its wonderful visual effects on the buildings, rides, and theming around Disneyland's sister park.  But Cars Land might have been the most majestic.  The warmth that pervades the scene below really sucks me in and brings back the amazing memory of just being in that space and time.  That moment of pure beauty really stands out, and though it may sound silly, being that it was just a moment in time, these days, I find myself just enjoying being present at the Disneyland Resort, particularly during beautiful days or times of day.  Perhaps it's cliche to laud the beauty of a Disney park, but I find myself growing more appreciative of experiences like this each time I go.

Golden Hour descends upon Flo's V8 Cafe.


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