The Halloween Carnival

Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort has many offerings around the park, but one of the less noticed occurs back at Big Thunder Ranch.  Tucked away in this far corner of the park is a carnival of Halloween-related activities available to any guests who ventures in.  There are plenty of decorations in a harvest-y environment, and folks can see world-class pumpkin carvers, pet goats dressed in fall attire, meet Disney villains, and see fun Halloween dioramas.  It's all a bit of good ol' countrytime fun, and it's in the back of Frontierland, at Big Thunder Ranch!

Big Thunder Ranch features the Halloween Carnival, where guests can engage in a variety of crafts, see amazing Disney-inspired jack-o-lanterns, and meet Disney villains.

This scene can be found in one of the little "cabins" at Big Thunder Ranch.

Bountiful autumn theming abounds in these parts!


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