An Afternoon Drop

It's another "Tower Tuesday!" For the second week in a row, I feature the premiere attraction of Hollywood Land, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.  And like last week, this photo is a daytime shot.  Now, I realize that such a shot isn't quite as thematically atmospheric, but that's ok, because the building still looks pretty nice in the sunlight.  And those unmistakable remnants of the part of building transported to the fifth dimension still call to the darker past of the Hollywood Tower Hotel.  But the beauty of the building during the day time is one of the reasons I enjoy photographing this attraction. The juxtaposition of the Tower from night to day is... well, that same comparative expression, and I like how the different characters of the building become expressed this way.

The Tower of Terror seems less ominous in the golden rays of magic hour--but still a little ominous.


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