Gateway from the Castle

Tom Bricker has an absolutely incredible version of this scene that really captures spontaneous joy and energy that is the magic of Disney parks, and it was through this that I realized there were entire parts of Disneyland Paris I had missed on my first visit in 2006.  Last year, I made it a point to venture by this Fantasyland entrance off the side of the castle.  The way the towers frame the most beautiful Sleeping Beauty Castle in the distance really substantiates the illusion of this being a fairy tale wonderland.  I don't have an innocent child running through, but I did snap this late in the afternoon, during the most beautiful part of the day, and through the scene isn't necessarily blatantly spectacular, it echoes with nostalgia, because looking at it reminds me of how wonderful everything was, walking around Disneyland Paris while being on a wonderful vacation.

This portal serves as the passageway to the east "back side" of Fantasyland at Disneyland Paris, but it retains a sense of fantasy, mystery, and wonder.


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