Staying at the Magic

These shots were taken less than 18 hours ago, when my friend, Natalie, and I were wandering the Resort after Disneyland Park had closed.  It occurred to me that I had never really shot the Disneyland Hotel before, and I figured this would be a good chance for it, since the early morning hours meant there wouldn't be anyone obscuring the shot.

The Disneyland Hotel isn't anything special compared to all the Resort properties Disney has opened since the original opened. In fact, this hotel wasn't even designed by Walt Disney Imagineering (WED Enterprises back then)!  Designed by Pereira & Luckman Architects , it wasn't formally acquired by the Walt Disney Company until 1988.  Until then, though it bore the Disney name, it was operated by Jack Wrather under an agreement with Walt Disney.  As far as theming goes, though there are touches of Disney charm around the exterior, the architecture is mainly a somewhat plain mid-century modern style.  But the history is rich here, and that nostalgia makes it a lovely place to explore.

Passing under the Sorcerer's Hat while entering the Disneyland Hotel grounds.
Looking up underneath the hat as the twinkly lights go off.


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