The Golden Matterhorn Glow

A lot of times, when I visit the Disneyland, I'm looking less for an epic scene and more for epic light--or at least beautiful, golden light that marks that soft descent of the sunlight into dusk.  It's the most beautiful moment of the day, and it casts itself differently depending on the subject. 

At a place like the Matterhorn, that golden hour glow gives off a rustic feel evocative of the brilliance of nature.  The Swiss connotations certainly help this, but just in focusing on the light, I feel there is a compelling scene.  So in something like the below picture, I don't really have leading lines or specific rule of thirds making the photo more dynamic, but I do that that lovely warm color tinging the Matterhorn with the last caress of the sun.  Here, the mood this imparts to me is enough.

Trees frame a waterfall coming off the Matterhorn at Disneyland.


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