Partners with Pumpkins

It may be Halloween Time, but the Southern California weather doesn't seem to want to cooperate.  In traditional manner, fall has started off with a heatwave, which should surprise exactly no one who has paid attention to past years' weather patterns.  As welcome as it would be to have the Halloween season come in with a brisk snap of cold weather, it's usually more like a September sauna, slowly roasting to a peak during the third and fourth weeks of September, before October offers varying degrees of reprieve, finally cooling down to an autumn chill right before actual Halloween.  Well, I suppose we can't have it all.  But this weekend, the Disneyland Resort will certainly feel as warm as the photo below, so hydrate up, have fun, and enjoy Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort!

Walt Disney and Mickey stand surrounded by jack-o-lanterns for the fall season.


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