The Diamond Mad T Party

The Disneyland 60th Anniversary celebration has brought the return of Mad T Party to replace the not-quite-as-popular-as-projected Freeze the Night nocturnal event.  It's pretty much the same as the previous Mad T Party, but with some minor tweaks to the order and schedule of events.

This has never really been my exact cup of tea (pun intended), but it's certainly popular, and I will say that the Mad T Party Band is pretty fun to photograph, especially for someone wanting to practice concert photography. So here are about ten shots I took at a recent visit to the event, just showing how the band inject its fun spirit into their performances.

Alice and the Mad Hatter share a moment.
The Mad Hatter croons some silky lines.
The March Hare riffs.
The Chesire Cat provides the percussion for the evening.

Alice in a candid moment of glee.
It's a Mad duet.
The March Hare and Dormouse jam on a riff.
Alice "lets it go."
The Dormouse gets some air time!


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