Rainbow Ridge

It's the last scene of the twisting and turning Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but Rainbow Ridge actually predates Frontierland's E-Ticket  Long before the "wildest ride in the wilderness" ever took off, there were the Mine Train to Nature's Wonderland and the Pack Mules, and before that, the Rainbow Mountain Stagecoach Ride--a historical triple threat of attractions in  early Frontierland that sprawled across the area that is now Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the former Big Thunder Ranch.  The epicenter of these attractions was Rainbow Ridge, a sleepy but charming little western town with adorable facades and a real pioneer feel.  When these old Frontierland attractions went away over time, the buildings remained and were incorporated into Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Today, there's a lovely reminder of Yesterland--Disneyland's own frontier forever bound in the history books.

Rainbow Ridge lies along the brake run of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
The facades are quite nice.

Wouldn't it be great to actually live in this town?


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