Say Boo for Candy

This isn't the smoothest or best exposed photo but it does have an absolutely adorable sheet ghost trick or treating in search of those delicious, delicious sweets!  It's a symbol of some of the fun of Mickey's Halloween Party--trick or treating in the park.  And really, that's what Halloween is really about: fun.  Whether it's with family friendly fares like trick-or-treating or slightly spookier adventures through the Haunted Mansion Holiday or (for those who know me outside of my Disney interests), actual intense scares at holiday attractions, the spirit of the season lies in deriving entertainment and joy from the theme of the occult.  In a way, it's a sort of mastering over fears of the supernatural and unknown.  But every year, millions of people participate in some sort of Halloween activity, and it's all in the spirit of having fun. 

For me, that's what makes Halloween the most wonderful time of the year!

A street scene from Mickey's Halloween Party a couple of years ago.


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