The Frightfully Fun Parade

Disney has debuted a delightful and cute villainous parade for Mickey's Halloween Party this year, and while it's not as spectacular as, say, Paint the Night or even Disney World's ridiculously catchy Boo To You Parade, it's still a solid and enjoyable showing.  The parade seems to run a bit short, but it has bundles of detailed floats, some nice dancing scenes, great character interaction, and the iconic Headless Horseman leading the charge.  Here are some photos taken from my recent trip to the Halloween Party!

The Headless Horseman approaches in advance of the parade.
The first float features Zero and is immediately adorable.
Some Nightmare Before Christmas characters flank either side.

And some dancers too.

The Mayor of Halloween Town rides down his mobile next.

:) and :( expressions in tow.
Jack and Sally follow in quick succession in their own photogenic float.
I love the colors here.

And a lovely shack out on the rocky ledge.

The parade then transitions to a Haunted Mansion segment.
This is definitely taken off the Boo to You Parade, inspirationally.
Beware of hitchhiking ghosts!
These three are a hoot.

And of course, the cemetery caretaker stumbles through in fright.

Shovel-carrying grave-digging dancers follow up.

Dr. Facilier, from The Princess and the Frog, gets his own elaborate float.
He is very animated!

The float is gorgeous.

Then come some more villains.  Hades and the Tremaines here.

They have the best, most revolted expressions.

Jafar on one side.

And a sneering Cruella Deville casts her gaze down upon guests as the parade ends.


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