Jingle All Over the Jungle

Today is a #ThrowbackThursday of sorts, as our featured holiday scene is a defunct overlay that ran until the 2016-17 holiday season.  The Jingle Cruise was the Jungle Cruise turned even more outrageous.  Hard to believe, I know, but the Disneyland holiday decorating committee came up with a way to make this iconic attraction even more absurd by literally dumping heaps of Christmas decorations onto various scenes and configuring a new, holiday-inspired script for the skippers to bust chops with. 

The first year the Jingle Cruise ran was a moderate success, but the execution seemed safe and cautious.  Year two was a dramatic increase in pizzazz, as the attraction stopped playing it safe and just embraced the ridiculousness.  That carried over into the subsequent season, when this photo was snapped.  And just look at the outlandish nature of this photo.  Tribal natives draped with Christmas lights?  It makes no sense, but it looks amazing, and it was also fun to boot. 

Alas, the Jingle Cruise was cancelled at Disneyland last year for reasons not completely known.  We'll only have these memories left.  Such a shame... I really liked the ride.

The jungle scene used to be a colorful explosion of lights and decorations during the Christmas season at the Jungle Cruise.


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