The Glowing Carousel

Friday night was one of those nights that Disney park fan photographers dream of.  A storm had been delivering rain on and off, and near closing time, that had coalesced into a light but steady drizzle, dampening the ground, offering reflections in select puddles and a general glowing warm across the walkways.  Around midnight, near Disneyland park closing, the rain let up, allowing photos to be taken without fear of soggy lenses.  As luck would have it for me, I happened to be in the park on this evening, and I hustled around, trying to get pretty photos with radiant surfaces post-precipitation.  This shot of King Arthur's Carrousel was one of them--taken after waiting several minutes for a pair of guests to finish taking photos of each other and of themselves.  Sometimes, you just gotta wait... and wait... and wait for the shot!

King Arthur Carousel at midnight, after the rain.


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