Welcome to a Rainy Day Hideaway

I suppose the title should way "rainy night" Hideaway, but that wouldn't really rhyme.  As I mentioned on Monday, last Friday evening, I had the fortune of being at Disneyland during the rains, which were substantial enough to provide that lovely ground glow and reflections that photographers dream of but not too heavy to deter photographic activities.  I snapped photos from all around the park and one of them was to get the Tropical Hideaway in the drizzle.  Unfortunately, passing by around 10pm meant that I wasn't able to get the empty scene photo that I really wanted, but I was able to finally get a head-on shot with the Tropical Hideaway signage and waterfall.  And sure, a yellow caution cone was in the background of the shot, warning of slick pavement on this showery night.  But it was still a pretty scene!

The Tropical Hideways welcomes guests rain or shine!


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