The Sunken Caldera

Mysterious Island is a land of layers... there's the depth within the caves, the layers of rock, and even the layers of walkways that span different levels within the land and its attractions.  The land bounds a body of water surrounded by the cliffs of Mount Prometheus, showcasing a collapsed caldera from an earlier age.  The signs of geothermal activity still persist, though, as the occasional water eruption signifies.  It's one thing to witness from the higher walkway around the caldera.  But from water level, it's even more dramatic.  All of these different perspectives help make Mysterious Island an incredibly rich experience for guests to navigate.  In my book, it's the most wondrous land of this incredible park!

The Nautilus Gifts shop and Nautilus Galley quick serve beneath can be seen across the water.


The rockwork here and the detailing are amazing.


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