Chewie on Batuu

In its first few months of operation, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge hasn't had the overwhelming immersion in guest interactivity as originally advertised.  I came in expecting something on the level of Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town Alive, where a daily storyline has actors engaging with guests and having guests become a part of the story by taking on various tasks and communicating with other actors and forming teams and bands that can help sway how the nuances of the story progresses.  But that hasn't quite been the case on Batuu.  Instead, we've only seen hints of things, such as Vi Moradi sort of but not really recruiting support for the Resistance, or Rey walking around and engaging people in conversations on a one-on-one level that hints at the overall story but doesn't actually progress it. 

A large part of this might have to do with Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and how it still hasn't opened yet.  The attraction--in conjunction with the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run ride--are supposed to play off guest participation and actions to determine how the story might follow them into the land itself.  It might also have key roles in the overall story that haven't been revealed yet. 

In any case, the characters in Batuu seem to currently be in a sort of plussed meet-and-greet mode.  They communicate with guests, and it's more than just for a photo op, but it's not quite full theatrical interplay.  But that doesn't mean they're not entertaining, as Chewie has proven to be with the crowd he frequently attracts throughout his strolls on Batuu!

Chewbacca is followed by a throng of fans in the Resistance side of Batuu.

He's quite emotive for a non-face character!

Sometimes, he tries to repair the X-Wing.

It doesn't always go smoothly.

Chewie sad...

But inevitably, the Wookiee figures something out.

Chewbacca is just a lovable giant furball, and he's great on Galaxy's Edge!


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