Halloween Screams Returns

Last Friday brought the return of one of my favorite Disney fireworks show of all time, Halloween Screams.  This was doubly sweet, because for the first time in years, the show was available to all regular park guests.  Once upon a time, Halloween Screams was part of the public Halloween Time line-up.  But the following year, Disney capitalized on it popularity and moved it to the separately ticketed event, Mickey's Halloween Party.  And so, for several seasons thereafter, only guests who went to the Halloween Party could view it.  Otherwise, it was whichever regular fireworks replay was on the programming that year. 

But with Mickey's Halloween Party retiring (or at least going on hiatus) in favor of the new Oogie Boogie Bash at Disney California Adventure, there's no real excuse to limit Halloween Screams.  So once again, it is available to the viewing public.  There is a caveat.  The fireworks are available only on weekend dates, while the show runs as projections only Mondays through Thursdays this Halloween season.  Still, it's better than nothing, and it's a screaming way to get into the autumn spirit!


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