Halloween Night at the Hub

Happy Halloween, everyone!  Today is my favorite holiday of the year, when we celebrate ghouls and spirits and mix in candy and costumes and enjoy the autumn season and its connection to the eerie and macabre.  But Halloween is also a communal experience, where strangers come together to participate in a universal ritual, and joy and enjoyment filter through the frights.  Halloween is catharsis and escapism.  It's a time to just enjoy the fantasy of make-believe, or indulge in our love of lore. 

So on this All Hallow's Eve, have a safe and wonderful time, whether you're out trick-or-treating or at a party or entertaining guests who stop by or operating a home haunted house or however you mark the occasion.  Enjoy the spooks1

I didn't take this photo on Halloween night, but I'd like to pretend it was when this picture was composed!


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