Haunted Mansion Holiday Scenes

Every year, in the fall and winter, I post photos taken throughout the Haunted Mansion Holiday ride.  At this point, most people know the sequence, so I'll be minimal with my captions.  Just enjoy the shots below, which were taken with my newest lens, a 105mm f/2.8 macro lens that proved to be pretty nifty in the low light condition of the Mansion!

Portraits in the Stretching Room.

Love the display in the loading area.  I wish regular Haunted Mansion would have something nice and visual in this room.


Vampire Teddy guards a present.

Madame Ornament Leota.

Holiday Hatbox Ghost.

Vampire Teddy in an illuminating moment.


Jack is merry.

Sally is pensive.

And Oogie Boogie has a surprise!


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