Getting A-Head of Trouble

Oh, that Albert!  Lord Henry Mystic's mischievous monkey has had a lot of adventures, but nothing compares to when he opens up an artifact that animates all the collections in Lord Mystic's curious museum of a manor!  As we follow Albert from room to room, trying to deal with the complications he has caused, we see him get into a variety of interesting and humorous predicaments--some more perilous than others.

One of my favorite moments comes when Albert finds himself trapped in a cannon, menaced by a samurai looking for his head as a souvenir.  Albert seems to duck out of the way at the last moment, but his expression certainly belies his concern.  It's one of numerous moments featuring inventive sets and clever animatronics, and it's part of why Mystic Manor is [still] my #1 Disney ride of all time!

Albert hides in a cannon to escape the sword of a samurai suit.

Uh oh, here comes the swing!

Phew, just missed!


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