The Whirling Zephyr

I've been going back into old photos lately--since new photos aren't happening as long as Disneyland and Disney California Adventure remain closed--and finding different variations of previous angles and photos I've shared.  It's always a little fun to go back and edit a photo using stylistic preferences today and compare them to how I used to edit them.  Sometimes, they're similar, and other times, there are some major differences.

In this one, I tried to enhance a feeling of summer evening relaxation by emphasizing the cool blue colors in the water and the sky.  And even though the warm light trails of the Golden Zephyr in motion suggest an air of dynamicism, the sandy shore and palm trees still reiterate a sense of tranquility.  Keeping things relatively bright also gives a sense of uplift for me instead of moodiness.  Though, of course, how one perceives a photograph always varies from viewer to viewer!

The Golden Zephyr creates light trails under a long exposure along Paradise Bay!


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