The Phantom of the Graveyard

The interior of the Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris is perfect for spooky, sinister, Halloween season photos, but it's actually more challenging to shoot in this Parisian E-Ticket than it is in the original.  That's because the ride is actually darker in a lot of places, with jerkier doom buggie movements to add to the unnervingly darker and more turbulent feel of this Haunted Mansion iteration.  That means sometimes, "spray and pray" is the best tactic (in a calculated manner, of course), and when it works, it's a wonderful feeling! 

This sequence of photos from the start of the graveyard leading into Phantom Gulch is a nice example.  The ambiance is quite dim here, but the malevolent Phantom looks ever haunting in this scene.  Far from being a grinning ghost, he is quite grim, and he seems to want to have us as his next victims!


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