The Gourd That's Made for You and Me

This photo was taken a whopping seven years ago, back when I was just beginning to get more serious about my photography and improve the technical composition and editing of my photos.  Back then, as it is now, it was a tradition to end the night shooting Main Street.  And during Halloween Time, that usually meant sticking around to take that parting photo of the Mickey Mouse pumpkin set up at the head of Town Square.  Unlike now, it didn't require quite as late of a campout back then, because the park emptied earlier.  But these days (or at least these days if there hadn't been COVID), with more and more fan photographers doing their own late night photography and guests staying later to get their group photo ops, capturing that crisp, completely empty park scene means waiting longer and longer.

And with the parks still shut down, we'll need to be even more patient.  But I can't wait to get pictures of this next year.  It's time I replenish catalog!

The familiar Mickey Mouse-O-Lantern has been a prominent fixture of Town Square during Halloween Time for years.


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