When Halloween Comes to Town

This year marks the first time in 20 years that the Haunted Mansion won't have its halls wrecked by Jack Skellington and company during the fall and winter seasons.  That is mainly because Disneyland Park remains closed from the Coronavirus shutdowns, with no end in sight.  But it's a missed milestone nonetheless, since this would have been the 20th anniversary of the overlay. 

It's a beloved classic for sure, with whimsical characters and catchy songs that evoke the pure joy of Halloween.  And combined with the creepy/fun vibe of the Haunted Mansion, it makes for a perfect marriage of themes.  There will always be next year, of course (or perhaps later this year if things markedly improve).  But there's nothing wrong with being wistful for what's not around this season.

The Haunted Mansion Holiday after hours, gates closed.


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