A Fantasy Fireworks Feast

Happy Thanksgiving, folks! In America, today is a day of celebration of family and togetherness and to give thanks for the year's blessings.  Unfortunately, for all of us in our own ways, this year has been exceptionally challenging, and it may seem like there isn't much to be thankful for while a pandemic is raging, seemingly uncontrolled.  Since March, the Disneyland Resort has been closed for an exceptionally unprecedented amount of time, and though Disney California Adventure recently opened Buena Vista Street for shopping and dining as an extension of Downtown Disney, there isn't any sign of the parks opening up normally anytime soon.

In such times, I like to focus on the little things that we still might have.  Whether that's health, family, or even memories, there are small things that we can cherish and be grateful for.  In a year where social distancing and staying at home has become the norm, it's the deeper, more connective things that bear the most value.  Relationships and care and consideration bring light to what has been a very tough and extenuating 2020.  So even though this is not the Thanksgiving of normal years, I think there still can be things for which to give thanks.  And at the very least, I'm thankful to those of you who continue to read this blog and enjoy the photos.

Fan fireworks stream across the sky in this "reverse" view of Believe! In Holiday Magic!


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