Midnight at the Haunted Mansion Holiday

Photographing the Haunted Mansion Holiday never gets old, not the least because it's always so vibrant and festive-looing, with a mix of Halloween and Christmas creating a most unique scene of mashed up decor and chillingly celebratory sights.  This is especially true at night, when the lights come on and the grandeur of this dual-holiday celebration can really be appreciated.  Both Halloween and Christmas are known for their tradition of after dark displays, and this has become a generational favorite for Disney guests--inspiring some super fans to make similar displays at their own homes!  Of course, for ultimate research, it always helps to go back to the source, which is what the photo below showcases!

The beauty and pizzazz of how Jack has wrecked the halls of the Haunted Mansion Holiday is on full display outside the iconic building.


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