The Cursed Mining Mountain

This view of Disneyland Paris' Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is definitely my favorite--not only because it's the moneyshot of the ride showing its careening dip around a twisting turn--but also because it means I'm also about to enter the Phantom Manor, the best of all of Disney's Haunted Mansion attractions.  Phantom Manor and Big Thunder Mountain are linked together in Disneyland Paris lore.  The ramshackle estate is the late abode of Henry Ravenswood, who also sought to extract treasure from the mine across the way.  Unfortunately, the spirits of the mountain weren't happy, which goes along with the ghoulish dreariness that plagues the Manor.  Still, on a day of dramatic skies, with a view like this, it's hard not to fixate on the wondrous instead of the morose.  Such is the majesty of this vista!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, as seen from the entrance of Phantom Manor.


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