What Lurks in the Caribbean Shadows

On the same evening a few weekends ago that my wife and I stumbled upon a chance dinner at the Blue Bayou, we of course had to go and ride Pirates of the Caribbean after our meal.  After all, we spent all dinner gazing into the moody and evocative marshy scene.  It was only fitting that we board the iconic attraction and also enjoy the opposite view at the start of the ride, looking at the Blue Bayou restaurant.

Naturally, I brought my camera along and snapped various photos.  The series today focuses on the more shadowy elements of the ride--those components that are obscured by the darkness (though some less so than before recent refurbishments), which help enhance the romantically picturesque environments.  Here are four snapshots of parts of the ride where--in some manner--the subject can be found within the shadows.

An alligator scans potential meals in the bayou right off Lafitte's Landing. 

Capturing this skeletal pirates not in a lighting burst makes it look even more mysterious.

Carlos' wife pops out of the shadows of her home to shout resistive encouragement to her husband.

Of course, the prisoners at the end of the ride only have candlelight to help them try to get the key, and the scene overall is still a dark one!


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