After Hours on Broadway

Sometimes my nighttime "HDR" blends turn out unsatisfactory, and other times, I manage to capture exactly the extents of dynamic range that I envision, turning a scene into a luminous, properly exposed, evocative ambiance that vividly portrays a feeling with vibrance and sentiment.  The example below fortunately falls under the latter.  It's a wonderfully tranquil scene in the American Waterfront section of Tokyo Disney Sea, outside the Broadway Music Theater, which plays home to the amazing Big Band Beat show.  The show itself is an energetic and sensational display of jazz and dance and Mickey Mouse leading a stirring band.  But the scene after hours paints a lovely contrast.  Long after the guests have left, the atmosphere has settled down for the night's rest.  But oh, it still looks oh-so-incredible!

A gleaming and peaceful night outside the Broadway Music Theater in American Waterfront.


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