Late Night in the South Seas

Adventureland is one of the smaller themed lands in Disneyland when it comes to main circulation area, with the primary walkway cutting relatively briefly from The Hub on Main Street to the Rivers of America.  This means a stroll through the area can be pretty brisk, leaving details that may not be noticed by guests busy to get in line for the Jungle Cruise, the Indiana Jones Adventure, the former Tarzan's Treehouse, or just passing through.  But the area has its share of evocative theming and architecture, and this facade of South Seas Traders (now just a dining area for the Bengal Barbeque) does feel like it could be from somewhere in colonial Africa.  The second-story veranda, the tin roof, the dusty ambiance... it all creates a feeling of adventure and exploration.  And that makes for an intriguing scene!

Empty tables and chairs are all that's left of a bustling day in this part of Adventureland.


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