The Sinister Hotel

This not a specifically Halloween photo, but it does feature the Tower of Terror! Look unfamiliar? Well, that's because you haven't been to or seen pictures of Tokyo Disney Sea, where this version of the popular ride franchise resides.  The ride building and system itself are the same as Disney California Adventure's, but the exterior architectural facade is notably different and much more ornate.  The lavishness masks the unscrupulous background of Harrison Hightower, who pillaged and plundered priceless artifacts all around the world for his own whimsy.  Consider him the British Empire personified.  But all of that came crashing down when his final treasure, a cursed idol called Shiriki Utundu, turned the tables on Harrison and banished him into another direction.  His lavish hotel has sat vacant and in disrepair ever since, but some say the spirit of Harrison Hightower still haunts the place.  And so does Shiriki!

Late night in front of the Hotel Hightower.


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