A Discoveryland Mood

Sometimes, I'm able to frame a telephoto landscape-style shot that feels nice and focused and captures an energy and vibe in the park ambiance that feels like it draws the viewer in.  There's a kinetic feeling in the scene that brings me back to the park, and the vibrance and activity lend a sense of satisfaction in the beauty and wonder of such a setting.  This photo from Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland is such an example. It's not anything extravagant, but the way the pedestrian walkway in the foreground blends with the Hyperion airship in the background seems enveloping, and it's the type of photo that takes me back to my vacation four years ago when I took this photo.  

I guess that why I photo document these memories!

A view of Discoveryland from afar--though still inside Discoveryland.


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